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Fitna the Movie
Submission Part 1
More Muhammad Cartoons
The Violent Oppression of Women
Muslim Sesame Street 1
Bill Maher, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islam: Religion of Peace?
Islam: What the West Needs to Know
Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West







    Must see: The Third Jihad (Click 'play' button below)
The 30-minute version is below but you can now watch the full version free at the above link!
The Third Jihad

Note: The claim that "only a small percentage" of Muslims are "radicals" is unsubstantiated. Certainly very few Muslims have, like Dr. Jasser, taken a firm stand against the Islamists.

We learned the hard way, last century, that, as Edmund Burke famously noted, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Could history be repeating itself?

With conspicuously rare exceptions like Dr. Jasser, expect good Muslims to continue to do nothing and for the "silent majority" he believes in to remain silent.





Dr. Jasser Speaks (Click 'play' button below)
Jasser Speaks

Note: Even infidels can be wrong. Every effort must be made to seek out opposing critical views. I have found no one more competent than Dr. Jasser whose every point, therefore, deserves careful consideration.

While I would beg to differ on a number of points, I not only defend his right to make them, but I'm happy to promote his opposing POV.

Notice the part where he talks about filtering the Qur'an through the childhood teachings of his moderate parents. His Islam, however, is VERY different from Muhammad's, and it is Muhammad's Islam that I presume to criticize.



While Bosnian Muslims were once among the "most secularized Islamic communities in the world," now Fundamentalist Islam Finds Fertile Ground in Bosnia. Were Bosnian Muslims peaceful because they were Muslim or because they were secular?



Fox News on local Muslim response to Dr. Jasser (Click 'play' button below)
Fox New Clip

Note the imam's counter claim that the "vast majority" of Muslims are not supportive of Dr. Jasser's views.








Geert Wilder's opening comments at his trial (with subtitles).


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