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The Infidel's Guide to Islam


Google "guide to islam" and 100's of sites by Islamic apologists appear for your consideration. But perhaps you're looking for something a touch less adulatory? Critical guides do exist, but most are by Christian apologists. If you enjoy seeing pots calling kettles black, these sites can be entertaining.

If, however, you're just wondering if Islam really is the religion of Peace, Tolerance, Mercy, etc., and want the straight dope, then you want an equal-opportunity infidel as a guide, a true disbeliever, someone every true believer can point to and yell, "INFIDEL!!!".

The Infidel's Guide to Islam videos are offered for consideration. The intent here, folks, is to be informative, not malicious—the tenets of Islam and its prophet, however, are viewed from a non-believer's (non-JudeoChristianIslamic) POV, so Muslims be warned.


YouTube Versions

The Infidel's Guide to Islam 1: Introduction                      The Infidel's Guide to Islam 1: Director's Commentary

The Infidel's Guide to Islam 2: Forgiving and Merciful      The Infidel's Guide to Islam 3: Women

The Infidel's Guide to Islam 4: Truth and Justice              The Infidel's Guide to Islam 5: Peace


Have I "told the truth" about Islam (as channelled by Ceiling Cat)?

Do let me know if you think I got something wrong.

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The Infidel's Guide to Islam: Transcript (.html)

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim, a recognized expert on terrorism and a patriotic American, lays bare the crucial differences between Islam and the spiritual cancer known as Islamism and persuasively calls for radical reformation within the Muslim community in order to preserve liberty for all.