Infidel2u 'Cause I'm NOT an Infidel to me.
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How to meet Infidel2u in person


Some Muslims, while they may not agree with me, respect my right to express my views, and have shown an intense interest in meeting me in person to thank me for promoting Islamic studies among infidels (some of whom, they are certain, will come to accept the Truth of Islam as an unintended result). I love nothing more than to be proved wrong, so I welcome such friendly interest.

My real name is Charles Dawkins, I'm 42 and have three lovely children, a lovely wife, and we live in a lovely home in Virginia Beach, VA, at 1084 Belvior Ln, close to where I work—we're the house on the end. If you're in the area, come on by.



On Friday nights I have to "work late" at the "office," so if it would be more convenient we could meet at Striptzzers, at 717 Weich Ln, in Virginia Beach. We could meet inside or I'm usually finished "working" around 11:30 P.M., and, for obvious reasons, I leave by the back door.

So could we meet in the dark alley behind Striptzzers? Be seeing you!

Oh, you might want to know what I look like. I don't have a recent photo, but one of my Muslim admirers did a portrait recently that captures my likeness perfectly, or so he says: