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For an unlimited time only:

A FREE Muhammad photo mosaic poster featuring over 500 images of Prophet Muhammad
(yes, that Muhammad, the one Muslims are forbidden to depict and in the name of whom Islamists seek
to impose his/their dictates universally on all, both Muslims and non-Muslims, under penalty of death).


Want to know how to add a zoomable, panable image to your site? See 'Infidel's Guide to Using OpenSeadragon'.


Celebrate Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, May 20th.

To download, right click here and Save As.

This 7 MB file will print a 16" x 20" poster at 300 PPI.

Print it yourself (smaller if you must or print in four parts [download here] and glue/tape together).
Print online (Zazzle allows customizing) or at your local photo center (Walmart $15 online, $12 in-store).

Download a thumbnail (400x600 pixels) here and use it in your blog or website along with a link.

Some images of Muhammad featuring scatographic, pornographic, and bestiographic
depictions were censored from the above. For those whose tastes tend toward the utterly tasteless,
download this uncensored version. Warning: don't take this one to Walmart and ask them to print it!

This poster, 17 hours in the making, was done by a professional graphic artist who, not wishing to feel like he
has a bull's-eye on his back (for using Matt's and Trey's copyrighted image;-), asked this infidel to host it. Please
enjoy, spread this link, and host other copies so that taking down this site by whatever means would be pointless.


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