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Je Suis Paris
Nous Sommes Paris

Our good friends the Saudi have spent trillions of petrodollars exporting Wahhabi ideology worldwide for over 40 years, including mosques built in Arizona, among every other place, that are staffed by Wahhabi approved imams who tell their story (as do the Muslim Brotherhood of Muslim victimhood, the need for Muslim accommodationism, Islamic dominance, and why Muslims should not integrate into Western societies. The result is stealth jihad and not so stealth jihad. Liberal sympathies are prayed [sic] upon.

No challenge is made to messages from mosques or human rights violations in Islamist areas out of fear of being politically incorrect or branded an Islamophobe. Lines are being drawn. Know thy enemy; for me it is the "boot stomping in the human face forever." Islamists are adherents of Islamism which is the theology, the ideology—both religious and political, of Islamic dominance: the caliphate and sharia.

ISIS and ilk are not the enemy. They are the victims of the ideology that embraces them. They spread the virus of faith, blow themselves up and kill, kill, kill to: 1) appear "successful" in the media to Muslim sympathizers, 2) to elicit an anti-Muslim backlash, 3) force deployment of Western troops to serve as fodder for attack. The target audience are Muslims among whom a quarter to a third are Islamist fence-sitters.

The real battle is between moderate Muslims (currently a majority) and radical Islamists, who are not, for the hearts and minds of the fence-sitters. The war is between those who have been subsumed by Islamist theology/ideology and those who have not. Of course current non-Muslims who could be subsumed are a target, but the main Islamist targets are the majority of Muslims who have yet to climb on board the jihadist bandwagon. The Islamist narrative is that they represent true Islam and those "liberal" Muslims who may differ are "apostates." The majority of Muslims will have to pick a side as Islamists are going to force them to and are hoping most will come over to their side. They may hit what they are aiming for and eternal vigilance is called for.

Those not wanting to live under the Global Caliphate or Sharia Law should treat non-Islamist Muslims as best friends and express their undying love for them in every way at every opportunity. Everyone, including Muslim refuges, over the age of 15 needs to answer one question: "Separation of Mosque and State? __ Yes __ No" to which a truthful answer (somehow or another—currently impossible) must be given. Those checking the No option should be given a choice between reeducation camp and a one way ticket to an Islamist area where no non-Islamist, including troops, should ever go. Islamism comes in two flavors: Sunni and Shia. Let the Islamists settle whose version is the "One True Islam" will prevail between themselves but not on a global scale. The West should consider arming whichever Islamist side is loosing.

Sending troops into war in Islamist regions would be knee jerk insane as would be going "anti-Muslim." To contain the Islamists, maybe, but the real fight is for minds and those on the front lines need to be moderate Muslims fighting for "the soul of Islam," their non-Islamist interpretation of it. You may not agree with their interpretation, as I fail to, but this is not the time in history to quibble among friends.


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On Nov 16, 2015

In a Friday sermon delivered at Aicha Mosque in Montpellier, France, on the day of the Paris attacks, Imam Mohamed Khattab, a "moderate" imam, said: "We dream of seeing our children become ministers and dignitaries, and even presidents. Why not? We want them to rule France one day, to rule Belgium, Germany, and Britain... You will never get [your children] there through the means of Islam. No. You must get them there through their [Western] rules, not yours." 

"The charismatic Khattabi enjoys significant popularity with the region’s Muslim community, particularly among young people who have 'gathered around him', the local religious source told FRANCE 24."

His views are common enough that had they been spoken the week before or after, they would have been lost in the sea of Islamist rhetoric targeted at the masses.

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